What started as just a small, local CrossFit competition in 2012 for our community, has evolved into one of the region’s premier annual events. We began with less than 100 competitors and are now entering our seventh year hosting more than 400 competitors and awarding more than $21,000 in cash prizes each year!

From 2014-2017, we partnered with the Salt Games and ran the CrossFit competition portion each year.  We’ve been fortunate to hold one of the Southeast’s premier CrossFit Events year after year.  With Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium as our event venue, we can offer better accommodations and more space to challenge all CrossFit athletes.  The CrossFit Up Dog Beach Town Throw Down promises to take what we started in 2012 and continue in the years to come!  Thank you for being a part of our great event.

The CrossFit Up Dog Beach Town Throw Down features a premier location, beach atmosphere, challenging workouts and a competitive environment that makes it a premier CrossFit competition in the Southeast.

We can’t wait to see you at the beach!